Bradleys Master Locksmiths


The shop

Although Bradleys main business is now centred around the locksmiths side of the business, the core of the business has always been hardware in general.

Times have changed a lot since the days when Bob Bradley first opened his little shop in Burt Street, with screws sold in boxes of one gross (144) and nails sold by the lb or in boxes of 1/2 cwt. Most things are now sold in prepacks for ease, but Bobs ethos of "service and civility" still remains.

The hardware section of the shop contains products from companies such as Eliza Tinsley who have supplied chain, rope and fixings to companies such as Bradleys for over 150 years. Products from companies such as Yale, Asec, Keypack, Chubb, J E Reynolds, Hoppe are to be found here.

So, if you need nuts, bolts, screws, door knobs, handles, rope, string, picture hooks, mirror plates, coat hooks, door stops, door numbers, shelf brackets, 'L' brackets, 'T' plates, 'S' hooks, 'C' links, mouse traps, bungee ropes, moulding pins or cup hooks, call in or give us a ring soon.

Hardware sales: 01670 540 900