Door Security

Products for securing doors

There are many ways to secure doors and many differing products which can be used depending upon the type of door and the level of security required. For instance, access control (see electronic security section) may only be of minimal security as it is often used only during the day when premises are open and manned. On the other hand, you may wish to secure a building which is away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life which would allow a would be burglar all the time in the world to break into the building.

It may be that the best way to secure your premises would be too install grilles. Checkout the Extendor section on the left if you think this may be for you. Alternatively, the CrimeShield glass protection may be the way forward for you. Again, there is a section here explaining the Crimeshield range.

In the tabs below, we will try to offer some ideas for the differing types of door and risk.

The Wideview Door Scope is a revolution in door viewer technology. No longer do you need to put your face up against the door to look through a tiny door viewer as the Wideview Door Scope is big enough to see through from up to 7 feet away!

Large viewing angle - the Wideview door scope's extremely advanced optics allow a full 132 degree panoramic view of the outer side of the door. The conventional door viewer is normally set into the door at around 5 foot from floor level. This makes the viewer difficult to use for those who are 6 foot and virtually impossible to use if you are 4 foot 6 ins tall. Unlike a conventional door viewer, you can stand back from the Wideview, allowing people of different heights to use it.

The Wideview cannot be used to see in from the outside. Using a series of prism's the Wideview door scope will completely foil any attempt to see into the building from the outside. Viewing is one way only, unlike many standard door viewers. This series of prism's even makes it virtually impossible to tell if there is anyone standing on the inside of the door looking out as the prism's pick up light from the outside as well as the inside.

Other features include....

Maintenance free - With no moving parts, the Wideview door scope will give years of hassle free use.

Easy to install. One hole, drilled with the correct hole saw & two small alignment holes are all that is needed to fit the Wideview. The design is such that the viewer will fit doors of most thicknesses. A drilling template is provided.

Ideal for use in Hotels, Cash offices, Shops, Retirement facilities, Banks & Building societies, Secure homes, etc.