Extendor Security Grilles

Secure door and window grilles

Extendor Door & Window Grilles

The Extendor system offers a versatile range of three products with a choice of security levels.
All benefit from Extendor's strength of design and the products are available in a range of colours. You can be assured there is an option to suit your specific requirements and budget. Please look at the door security section for more information on the ranges.

Extendor grilles are a strong physical barrier that protects window and door openings, then retracts to visually blend into door and window frames when not in use.

Extendor maintains security when doors and windows are open for ventilation.

Extendor is easy to use and requires no maintenance.

Physical Security is your most effective line of defence & Extendor products can secure your peace of mind. Your premises may already be protected by a form of security system. But ask yourself this: Would it actually prevent an intruder gaining entry into your premises? An Extendor grille does not necessarily replace your existing security arrangements - it enhances them giving you integrated total protection.

All benefit from Extendor's strength of design and are available in a range of colours. You can be assured there is an option to suit your specific requirements and budget.

    Grille fully entrapped with aluminium alloy carriers and guides eliminate the need for plastic components which can shatter under attack. Stainless steel axles and fittings

    Shoot bolts (3 and 5 point) lock into the head and rail track to secure the grille at the top and bottom. Locks in the open position for added safety.

    No external rivets - a fundemental design flaw in the design of many other grilles. Hacksaw resistant components. Drill resistant parts. Flush handles

Diamond Range

The Diamond link is an excellent deterrent with good physical protection for internal installations. The Diamond range gets it's name from the disctinctive diamond shape of the steel linkages. As the Extendor range is made with no external rivets showing the installation looks neat even in a domestic environment.

Classic Range

The more robust Classic product provides protection for higher risk areas. The classic system has been designed for situations where a greater degree of strength is needed. Instead of a single diamond shape linkage system, the Classic has double the amount of linkages giving greater all round security. Although the Extendor range has been designed for internal use, as can be seen from the shop front pictures here, it can be just as effective fitted externally also.

Elite Range

From the outside, the Elite range looks no different to the Classic. However, there are some very subtle high security additions to this range. Many of the cross linkages are hardened steel making them invulnerable to hacksaw and light cutter attack. Hidden within the uprights are steel rollers which foil attempts to cut through the uprights with the likes of a hacksaw. At the time of writing, the Elite range is the only range of folding grilles which has been accepted by the Ministry of Defence.

Extendor Specials

Extendor can manufacture specials for almost any application. A common request is for securing file servers. A complete room can be fitted out with these grilles allowing movement of air whilst still ensuring complete security of your valuable computer equipment.