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Cash Safes

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An Explanation of some terms
To understand what a burglar resistant or cash safe is, we need to explain how the quality of a safe is defined by insurance companies and testing establishments.

Burglar resistant safes are rated by insurance companies by 'overnight cash cover', which means the maximum amount of cash which a safe is insured to carry when the building is unoccupied. Therefore, if a safe has an overnight cash cover of £10,000 it is safe to assume that it is a much stronger and more secure safe than a safe with an overnight cash cover of only £1,500.

The overnight cash rating is defined by testing the safe to see how long it takes to actually open the safe using safe opening techniques used by burglars, e.g. with drills, grinding machines, lock picks, burning or cutting tools etc. Obviously, the longer it takes, then the more secure the safe and the higher the cash rating. There are many lower priced, lower grade safes on the market which are predominently intended as fire safes and although most fire safes will offer a degree of security, they are not up to the same standard of the burglar resistant safe. Conversely, most burglar resistant safes will offer a degree of fire protection but would be largely useless in protecting computer media or photographs in a fire. (see fire safes)

Valuables such as jewellery can also be kept in a safe. Most insurance companies will allow a home owner to carry 10 times the cash rating of the safe i.e. £60,000 worth of jewellery in a £6,000 cash cover safe or £30,000 worth or jewellery in a £3,000 cash cover safe. Be carefull though - don't try to keep £30,000 of jewellery AND £3,000 in cash in a £3,000 cash cover safe. The insurance companies will probably allow you to mix and match, but it must be 'pro rata' so you could keep £1,000 in cash and £20,000 of jewellery in a £3,000 cash rated safe or £2,000 in cash and £10,000 in jewellery or other valuables.

Many companies use deposit facilities on safes. The main idea is to allow people to deposit something into the safe without the need to have a key or know the code to open the safe. Many pubs and clubs may have this type of facility and have 2 locks on the safe. The staff have the key for one lock and a cash collection company have the other key. The staff can make deposits into the safe throughout the day and into the evening but no one can take anything out until the cash collection company arrive with their key. As both keys are needed to open the safe, the money cannot be removed unless staff from both companies are there - thereby reducing the risk of theft by armed thieves holding staff under duress or by someone with a stolen key.

On a simpler note, schools, colleges, vehicle hire companies & ambulance stations can all use this type of facility to collect fees or leave vehicle keys after the business has closed.

Model: Mini Teller
Dimensions: 305x205x255(mm)
Slot Size: 20x135x200(mm)
Weight: 15kg
Cash Rating: £1,000

Model: R-51
Dimensions: 510x355x355(mm)
Slot Size: 100x225x100(mm)
Weight: 45kg
Cash Rating: £2,000/£3,000

Model: V-51
Dimensions: 510x355x355(mm)
Slot Size: 50x265x180(mm)
Weight: 40kg
Cash Rating: £2,000/£3,000

Model: V-76
Dimensions: 765x510x510(mm)
Slot Size: 100x400x270(mm)
Weight: 90kg
Cash Rating: £2,000/£3,000

Here we have a range of deposit safes showing a small selection of the huge range available and some of the many advantages of using a deposit safe.

• Ideal for use in retail shops, pubs, clubs and other cash handling environment

• Choice of different deposit methods and trap sizes to suit your requirements

• Anti-fishing device on all models

• 12mm solid steel door & 3mm solid steel body

• Re-locking device secures door in case of attack

• Keylock as standard

• Electronic or mechanical combination locking available to order

• Back & base fixing

Many people ask about sizes of safes and why we refer to a certain safe as being as 6325 or a 2316. The answer is simple - this is literally the internal size of the safe in inches.

The 6325 is 63" high inside by 25" wide and the 2316 is 23" high inside by 16" wide. We use these terms because many trades want to know the internal width so that they can tell if a till drawer or pad of rings or other jewellry will fit inside. They want to know the internal height so they can work out how many trays or till drawers can be placed on top of each other.

Many manufacturers now use litres to show the volume of the safe but often this does not explain as quickly and as easily as the description of a 2916.