Digi Stamp Stamps

Digi Stamp Stamps

Bradleys can manufacture your very own digitally engraved rubber stamps. No longer roughly hewn bits of rubber, but stamps crafted by the most modern of computer driven machinery - all in house!

Most stamps can be made for you within hours, although if you require a corporate logo, it may take a little longer. Photographs can be incorporated into the stamp with ease, with borders, underlining and a massive range of fonts all available also.

Prices start from £6.95

The Digi Stamp

The stamp is designed to stand up to everyday office use. It features the highest quality components to ensure a lifetime of trouble-free service and reliability. Stamp features include:

  • 11 sizes available - suitable for virtaully any application
  • 600dpi resolution—that's laser-print quality!
  • The ink will last for around 10,000 impressionscan even be re-inked
  • Available in Black, Red & Blue

What are stamps used for...?
There are thousands of applications for stamps, but here are just a few
a home address stamp
a school stamp
a school stamp
a legal stamp
a cheque stamp
an advertising stamp
a standard-message stamp
a name & address stamp with company logo
a return address stamp
a property stamp
a proofing stamp
a routing stamp
a bank-account stamp
an authorisation stamp
an amendment stamp
a single-purpose stamp
an inspection stamp
an ordering stamp
a payment reminder stamp
a franking stamp
a wedding stamp
a photographic stamp
a small circular stamp
a repetitave message stamp
a large circular stamp
a photographic stamp
an art/craft stamp
an approval stamp
a cheque stamp
a hand-written stamp
an email/website stamp
a 'Supplied by'stamp
a signature stamp
an appointemnt stamp